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Born in United States on May 1, 1988.
Ma1 2005 to February 7, 2005
Becky lived in the same Levittown home with her sister, Katelyn Blair.
Becky went missing on Monday, February 7, 2005, and she was missing for 3 days before her body was found. Her body was found by Oscelo Sheriff Deputies using approximately 9 AM on Thursday February 10, 2005.
Education & Activities - Community and Personal
Becky attended Albert Schweitzer Elementary and Carl Sandburg Middle School where she was elected Class President.
She was a Junior at Neshaminy High School

She served on various human service organizations at both schools over the years.

She was a regular member and lead in Neshaminy School and summer stock plays

Becky was a member of the Neshaminy Varsity Tennis Team.

She was involved in the Hibernian Rugby Club.

She was an award winner at the PA State Police Cadet Camp.

Becky joined the Civil Air Patrol three years ago and became interested in and trained in their Search and Rescue Program.

She was the Vice-Chairman of the Middletown Teen Task Force.

She served as teen representative on Middletown Township's ten year planning for Parks and Recreation.

Because of her training and background, Becky was interested in a possible future military career.
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