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i will always love you....  / Gina Mason (friend/sister)  Read >>
i will always love you....  / Gina Mason (friend/sister)
since the day you were born i fell in love with you.  your first smile, your first words, your first steps, building your first tent, every moment of everything was and is the best memories of my life.  i will never forget the first time i saw you and how jenn and i fought over who was going to hold you first. i would do anything to have you here next to me.  ill alw
ays love you and will never forget you.  love you becky..gina..xoxoxo Close
Be the Change  / Patty Miller (Best Friend )  Read >>
Be the Change  / Patty Miller (Best Friend )
I wrote this poem/lyrics in memory of Becky in hopes that it will send the message to anyone in pain that you are not alone, and you are loved. And to everybody so we can be the change and stop these feelings of hurt and despair in our loved ones, neighbors, and fellow human beings.

Life has its ups and downs
Sometimes the bad outweigh the good
And all the pain that's kept inside can not be understood

We have all felt alone with our deepest darkest secrets
the red that floods our eyes in torment
through all the passing seasons
Life would be easier if we didn’t have to deal -
But death will only open up many wounds to heal

A lethal mistake
...feeling that no one can comprehend
but seek for help and you will find a willing shoulder to lend

Alone youre not, but scared you are
Reluctant to open up and heal your painful scars
Its hard to understand in this current frame of mind
But you will see the light through the darkness in due time

We are all human, and have the ability to lead
So lead yourself to wellness with all the help you need

Call a friend, a mother, a teacher – just pick up the phone
You are loved by so many - you are not alone

Hold on and in time you’ll find your way
For you can never feel joy without experiencing lifes pain 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In general we humans are naturally inclined to judge
which inevitably creates barriers that alienate the love
Its a daily process and struggle to keep an open mind
but we all must concour our judgements a leave negativity behind

As the saying goes, which im sure we can recall
"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"
We can never be too sure of what our words can do to others
we must dig deeper and learn to love, if not, respect our brothers

The walls we build around eachother
the mallice and derange
Must end as it is time for us all to come together
unite, and be the change.

hey / Mer (good friend )  Read >>
hey / Mer (good friend )


so i was reading my last tribute and i think i wrote too much.  Don't you think>  Yea lol.  i'm up in the mountains again for the second time.  I'm going home on Sunday or Monday depending on my work schedule.  My Uncle and cousin are coming up so I'm so excited.  I have two friends up here there names are Jamie and Trevor.  There really nice people.  I think you would've liked them a lot.  Jamie's 26 and Trevor's 24.  They've been going out for 2 and a half years (according to Jamie)  I told your Mom that I learned how to ride a jet ski.  It's not hard at all.  I go on it pratically everyday so yea............I've been talking to your Mom lately via e-mail really nice.  My brother and I have been gettign into mini arguments lately (not cool but.......what can you do right?)  I was in the lake yesterday and there was a cute guy who looking at me (I didn't see him but)  I'm finally OVER Joe (thank God)  How long did it take me (like 4 months)  yea too long.  I'm taking 5 classes this semester can you believe that?!?  I'm taking Safety/Sanitation, Intro to Business (class that I failed in the Spring), Modern Dance (gym), Intro to Hospitality/Tourism and Comp 2 (online class) So I'll really need your help this semester so be there!  LOL.  Can you just make sure that Joe is NOT in any of my classes this year.  Thanks!  Well, I have to go my brother is bugging me so........yea LOL.  I love you so much!  I can't believe it's coming up on 3 years!  It just seems like yesterday that we found out the horrible news.  You're in my heart for always and ever!!!  No one could ever replace you sweetie!  I love you!  

Love Always & Forever, 

Celebrate Life Week  / Staci Speece   Read >>
Celebrate Life Week  / Staci Speece
Hey girl! Remember when your class did that awesome Celebrate Life Week for you and the other 3 Angels that Neshaminy had to lose?  Well, I'm working right now to get that back!  I saw your mom at Relay for Life [totally didn't recognize me by the way ha!] and I talked to Ms.  Drake and I really really want this to come back to Neshaminy!  I swear to god Beck I will get it back there if it's the last thing I do [hopefully it won't be, but you get the picture].  You were so loved girl and I do this for you, even though we didn't know each other that well!  I look up to you still, of all the amazing things you did and the wonderful person that you were!  

Keep watching over your mom and Katey and the rest of your family! I love your mom and Katey to death and hope that they are staying strong!  

Love you Becky!! Thank you for always being a role model! I miss our little drill sargaent at Sandburg play practice!! I still see you dangling your car keys in front of Mrs. Gordon just a few weeks before that horrible day we lost you, the last time I saw that beautiful smile.  That is a moment that will always stay with me!

♥Staci Close
Hi Becky  / Doris Heasman (pos friend )  Read >>
Hi Becky  / Doris Heasman (pos friend )
Hi Becky 

I think your Mom  needs a  huge  hug from you  right now my precious , she misses you so much  .
Take care up  there  and send my love to all of the other   special  angels .

You sure  are a  beautiful  young lady  my ange 

Love and   mad respect 

Doris  ( mom of  Monqiue )

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
wow it's been a while  / Meredith Horton (good friend )  Read >>
wow it's been a while  / Meredith Horton (good friend )


it's been a while since i've actually written to you.  i read my last tribute so that i wouldn't say the same things over again.  lol.  so the last thing that i said to you was that i thought jeff and i were going to get back together(well we didn't)  he was just giving me too much stress and i don't need stress in my life right now.  (i don't think anyone does)  LOL.  so i guess about a month after jeff and i were together i "met" a guy who was in my writing class his name was joe really a nice guy i think you would've liked him a lot.  he always made me laugh and whenever i needed a shoulder to cry on he was always there.  he was 24 (same as jeff but now jeff is 25)  again really nice guy really smart, funny, charming, etc.  he was engaged at age 22 broke it off when he was 23 because she cheated on him twice he told me (i heard it was more though but....)  so i though i was a rebound but he kept telling me i wasn't but he thought that he was a rebound because it was only a month after jeff and i "broke" up that joe and i got together.  joe asked me out the friday right before spring break and during spring break we spent pratically everyday with each other literally.  LOL.  then as the relationship progressed he started to act weird like he would tell me things of his past (which is good but) he would do it in such a way that it was so random.  which was ok i guess.  like one night i was sleeping over his house and he told me that the reason that he couldn't sleep real well at nights was because of his heart problem.  when he was six years old he had to have major heart surgery because he had an extra flap on his aorta.  (i think that's the correct spelling)  well he kept giving random information at different times so that's when i knew something was up.  on easter he took me to his aunt and uncle's house for easter and we both had a blast!  i got to meet his family and they were all really nice and sweet to me.  i was a little nervous meeting his cousin because him and her are really close and tight so........but she liked me and i really liked her too.  i got her phone number not realizing what was in store for me later that night.  joe and i were driving home and we got into this "argument" and we broke up!  can you believe that?!?  i mean were talking about a break-up couple weeks before but.......he told me that i was reminding him of his ex-fiance (which i don't think i was doing that but......)  and he told me that i was bugging him too much.  and how i called him 24 times in one day (which i really did)  oooppsss.  so we broke up.  oh i have to tell you i should've told you this earlier but i forgot.  joe has two sisters and two brothers but he never sees or really talks to any of them besides his youngest brother and his name is chuck.  now chuck is a very interesting character.  he's literally just a younger version of joe LITERALLY!!!  swear to God!  chuck has a girlfriend of a year and four months i think.  her name is sarah.  she's 17 and chuck is 19 (same age as me but i'm older than him)  i think you would've liked joe in the beginning but now you would've said probably like a thousand times by now "why did you ever go out with him seriously mere?!?  he's such a jerk.  you deserve sooooo much better!"  so i'm done with guys because being "dumped" in such a short period of time is probably saying something don't you think so?  i do.  it's probably saying that i need to lay off with guys for while.  (don't you it's saying that)  

congrats with your Mom i think she'll do just fine with the election.  i can't vote for her unless she makes it into the primary election which i think she'll most definitely do.  don't you?  your Mom is the most coolest Mom's i ever know.  she always talks positively and she always has her head up high.  the last time i saw your Mom was at graduation.  she looked amazing.  she gave me a big hug.  (i can never forget that special hug from that special woman)  and i saw your sister at a dance that i went to.  i forget what it was about but i saw her.  whenever i see your sister i'm reminded of you in so many ways.  your sister looks very similar to you.  you better be keeping an eye on your sister i know that you are.  you're keeping an eye on all of us right?  well i have to go i have two papers to "write that are due tomorrow so i'll talk to you soon ok?  love you sweetie.  good night!

Love Always & Forever, 
Meredith Y. Horton

POS friend  / Debi Mom Of Ken G.   Read >>
POS friend  / Debi Mom Of Ken G.
May each day fill your heart with beautiful memories of Becky. Thank you for sharing her with us all  She was certainly a lovely person with such a sweet smile. Blessings to you & Hugs from a POS mother. Close
Birthday Girl  / Mimi Morrow (Friend of Family )  Read >>
Birthday Girl  / Mimi Morrow (Friend of Family )
Happy Birthday Becky. I've been thinking about you the whole weekend, knowing your birthday was coming up. It's such a beautiful day - you should be here enjoying it with us. You are so missed, every single day, not just on your birthday. You definately changed the world with your absence - just think of what you could have done had you stayed. Sigh. 19 roses for you today from us - we'd much rather have given them to you in person. Close
my beautiful angel  / Brenna   Read >>
my beautiful angel  / Brenna
hey beck just wanted to stop by and let you know how much i miss seeing your beautiful face.  i was looking at the pictures on this and found the one school picture me and mang helped ya get ready for.  you always were such a busy girl.  go figure you'd forget it was retakes.  you looked as stunning as alway; no worries. anyway, i love you babygirl. keep it a good time up there for ussss. i know your beautiful face is always smiling down. miss you mama Close
A message for you  / Patty (Best Friends for all eternity )  Read >>
A message for you  / Patty (Best Friends for all eternity )
Becky your mom called me today to tell me the great news about Challenge day! I was instantly reminded of the day I saw it happen on Oprah. Tears left my eyes for hours after witnessing the miracle that occured at this highschool. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I believe that you wanted me to see it and to tell your mom about it. I thank god for your mother becky. If it werent for her, challenge day would never have been put into action. I can not even stop crying now as I write this, knowing the good that will be brought from it. It saddens me to think that if we participated in this, you might still be here with us, but it also gives me joy and happiness knowing that those who do take part will know that they arent alone. You knew that you werent alone beck, you just needed to be reminded, and I want to thank your mom so much for making certain that everyone at Neshaminy will get that reminder. 
I can not even begin to express the sorrow I feel in your absense, I think about you every waking moment. Even in your passing I just want to assure you, that you are still loved missed and thought about regularly. I am so lucky to have met you, my beautiful friend, so lucky. As much pain as I feel now, and will always continue to feel, I feel just as much joy. You brought so much happiness into my life and I want you to know that you continue to. Every memory of us shopping together, laughing, and just being together doing nothing makes me smile such a big smile. Thank you for being there for me Becky and being the best friend I could ever ask for. I only hope that I brought the same happiness to you that you continue to bring to me. I love you with all of my heart Beck. Close
Miss you  / Jackie (old friend/classmate )  Read >>
Miss you  / Jackie (old friend/classmate )
Hey Becky. It's been over two years since your passing and we all still miss you down here. It's been a rough couple of days. But I know with you and my other two guardian angels Nick and Amanda looking down on me, things will get better in time.

Love and miss you tons. Keep smiling. Close
Time - Feb. 7, 2007  / Mimi Morrow (Family Friend )  Read >>
Time - Feb. 7, 2007  / Mimi Morrow (Family Friend )

2 years ago Becky disappeared from her room, her hotel and our lives forever. Her family and friends searched for her, hoping against hope that she was ok, but it was not to be. Her self-chosen death has made us aware of the ungodly stresses and horrors facing young adults today and how when it gets to be too much to bear, kids make choices that are unbearable.
This time last year I commented that over 25,000 visits had been made to this site; a year later this site continues to offer comfort and hope and a place to just be with Becky, and that's a good thing. I come back to it, read the comments left by her friends and families, and even complete strangers who have found themselves profoundly affected by the words and comments of those who were a part of Becky's circle of influence.
I miss this lovely, sweet, bright, wonderful young woman. Like most of you, I think of her often, of what she could have done, what she could have been. I am glad that my small efforts in setting up and maintaining this site have helped her family and friends get through just one more day, a day at a time.
Becky, you are missed, so missed. Pray for us all.
Love, Mimi Morrow

always thinking about you  / Wendi Haldeman (aunt)  Read >>
always thinking about you  / Wendi Haldeman (aunt)
It's been two long years since we lost Becky.  I think about her every day and all the people here who love and miss her so much.  She has had such a profound effect on so many lives.  Take care of each other and let people know how you feel about them.  we all miss you Becky.   love, aunt wendi Close
Nightmare / Shaunna   Read >>
Nightmare / Shaunna
It still feels like a nightmare that I'm just waiting to be woken up from. I'm just waiting to have you call me bugging me to sign up for rugby or going to say that ur having another new years eve party again and your gonna show me how to make your home made pizza bagels again. Your mom will leave us a bottle of sparkling apple cider like she did before and me you and katey will have our dance contest again. I pray to God that I will never lose those memories because even though your gone, you still continue to make me laugh when I think back on all the times we had. <3 love you so much baby Close
Pictures / Randi Jefferys   Read >>
Pictures / Randi Jefferys
I sit here at my desk at 9:30am, and when I look up, I see you. I have a picture of you on my desk at work. You are just a little girl in the pic, and you are standing with your sister, you both are wearing matching yellow dresses. This is my favorite picture of you. You have the best smile. I loved to babysit you and your sister, you two were my favorite girls. Remember that goldfish I gave you? It just makes me smile to remember those great times. Becky, sweetheart, you are missed so much more than you'll ever know. Close
New Years Eve  / Mimi Morrow (Family Friend )  Read >>
New Years Eve  / Mimi Morrow (Family Friend )
I woke up this morning knowing I had to check here first, and I was visitor 47,911. It seemed apt that the 911 was there, because of the association with the pain so many have felt over that day, and the pain still felt with your not being here. It's New Years Eve, the time when we think about what was good about the past year, what was bad, and what we'd like to do better next year. I think of your mom every day just about, thinking about how she copes minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and I see your sister at B&N and she's such a sweetheart. I stop by Newtown when I take my Toby to the vets (3x this past week!) and see all the tributes and memories left by people who miss you so. It's quiet in that cemetery, but I feel you are surrounded by warm thoughts and so much love. 
      It is an honor to continue to maintain this website, to know that there is a place where friends can go and think about you and write to you. Maybe someday we can come here and smile and not cry. Happy New Years Sweetheart, from Mimi and Randi and Kate. Close
to Becky  / Diane Taylor (friend from POS )  Read >>
to Becky  / Diane Taylor (friend from POS )
Dearest Becky, what a truely gorgeous girl you are, inside as well as outside.  Send your mom lots of love and kisses for this New Year.
Prayerfully 2007 will be ever so much better for all of us.
Blessings, Diane mom of Paul Close
Forever / J.R. (friend)  Read >>
Forever / J.R. (friend)
What brings me to this website several times a week? It was my daughter who was Becky's friend, not me. But I find myself staring at her pictures and feeling the hurt of a father and mother. I pray to our Lord to watch over Becky till we all join her. My time on earth will remember Becky FOREVER.  I only ask her as  a parent of one of her friends to forgive us as adults that were to blind to see,  and deaf to hear. We as adults must always be in contact with our Beckys. Give peace to the entire Marseglia family, Lord I pray. Close
missing you  / Valerie Cecconi (friend)  Read >>
missing you  / Valerie Cecconi (friend)
Everytime I come here to leave you a message, I end up reading what everyone else has to say to you. It hurts so much knowing that your gone.  I have a few pictures of you pinned to a bulletin board in my room,  I have to look at them everyday.  It just hurts knowin that Jr. year we didn't hang out much, but we actually had plans  for when you got back from Florida.  I regret that so much! I keep replaying us sitting in the gym at school, talking about what we were going to do when you got back.  It sucks.  I think about you everyday beck. Ill never get over it.  
Miss you terribly!!!
becky / Jen Esparra (friend)  Read >>
becky / Jen Esparra (friend)
Beckys beautiful smile had brighten the world. Her beauty and intelligents was so unique. She understood people as if she were them. She alwayz will be well knowned and loved. and i will alwayz love becky with all my hart and soul... Close
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