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Christmas Blessings Becky & Family  / Marla -. Angel Mom Of Milo (a friend, always )  Read >>
Christmas Blessings Becky & Family  / Marla -. Angel Mom Of Milo (a friend, always )

Thinking of you and praying that your precious memories of Becky
will be all the Christmas gift
you will ever need.

Jim & Marla Williamson ( POS )

Parents of Jeffrey "Milo" Goodale

EVERYTHING! / Mer Horton (good friend )  Read >>
EVERYTHING! / Mer Horton (good friend )


where do i even begin? first of all college is going so well i couldn't ask for better people to become my friends my first year of college. i met this guyand he's amazing. he's 24 and really smart! we met in math class (nothing special) he's an amazing kid.  yesterday i hung out with him for only a short time and we were holding hands while i was driving so i thought that we were back together.

high school  / Staci Speece   Read >>
high school  / Staci Speece

wow.. high school is not amazing what so ever! I can see all the pressure that is put on you up there! The teachers either expect too much or too little of you and they just don't seem to care! The lady who was your class advisor, Ms. Harris, is the best though! She's the only on at that school that seems to care!  I think that if she was not my teacher, i would go crazy.  It feels like you are walking through Hell everyday. I miss sandburg a lot.  The teachers were nice and fun to be around where most of my teachers could care less about you.  The hallways are bad.. people think they are better than everyone else.. hopefully it gets better but at this point in time, i'm ready to graduate! 

Keep watching over everyone becky! We all miss you! 


Forever on my mind  / Dave Hettel (Friend)  Read >>
Forever on my mind  / Dave Hettel (Friend)
Beck, I miss you a lot... I find myself still shedding a tear or two everytime I visit this site. I can't believe its been almost two years since you left us. I think about you every day. Andrea and I talk about you almost every time we talk to eachother (which is pretty much every day). If you were in college with us right now I know you'd be doing amazing things. I could go on right now and talk about the amazing experiences that we've had together, and we had a lot, but I think that I'm going to be selfish and keep them all to myself. I'll never forget them, and I'll never forget you darling, never. Close
Just checking in!  / Meredith Horton (good friend )  Read >>
Just checking in!  / Meredith Horton (good friend )

so i haven't been here in a while.  I'm sorry about that!  I've just been so crazed about school, work, family, friends and now my boyfriend!  School is going very well for me actually.  I love it!  So much!  I'm meeting new people.  It's amazing!  I love all of my teachers they're so cool!  Next weekend is homecoming at Neshaminy!  .  My parents bought a new mountain house.      I guess that's all for right now.  !  I love you so much!  Everyday I think about you and Drew and I keep asking myself WWDD-what would drew do?  and WWBD-what would becky do?  

Love Always & Forever, 
*Meredith* Close
Miss ya  / Kelly   Read >>
Miss ya  / Kelly

The kids and I think of Becky always. Every day her name comes up in my kids conversation.  Becky had always asked me what kinds of flowers I planted in my front garden and would always say she liked the bright colorful ones. Now it is the beginning of October and my garden is still in full bloom with big bright colorful flowers. I hope she is looking down on us and enjoying them. We miss her so.

Keep watching over.  / Steph Loiero (Friend)  Read >>
Keep watching over.  / Steph Loiero (Friend)

Continue smiling down on us.  Keep watch over JJ, too.. he only has a few more weeks left in Iraq, and he could use all the blessings he could get.  Miss you darling. <3 Close
my condolences  / Sue Shields (none)  Read >>
my condolences  / Sue Shields (none)
To kind of quote a song, "What a life to lose, what a bond to break."   I never knew Becky, but viewing this website breaks my heart, nonetheless.    What a beautiful and multi-talented young girl.    So sad.   My heart breaks for all of her family and friends.  Sue Shields Close
CRAZINESS!!! / Mer Horton (friend)  Read >>
CRAZINESS!!! / Mer Horton (friend)


I miss you like crazy now.  My birthday is almost here and you're not here to celebrate it with me.  I'll be 19 can you believe that!  I can't!  Please help me with the decisions that I have to make in these last couple weeks before I go to college.  I think you know what I'm talking about.  This summer has to be the most craziest summers I've ever experienced in my life.  Between work, family, friends and especially BOYS!  So right now I like these 2 sixteen year old boys.  Joe and Mark.  Joe is going to be a junior at Neshaminy High School.  And Mark is going to be a junior at Council Rock South High School.  I met Joe at the pool that I live by.  And I met Mark at work.  I was visiting work one day and yea................ Mark and I really like each other.  I mean he calls me and texts me.  And I do the same so......... I think he's going to buy me something for my birthday.  I was just kidding when I asked him what he was getting me for my birthday so.......... I seriously don't want anything from him but I don't think that he's listening to me.  I mean I really like him but my parents don't agree because of our age difference.  Like how I'm legal and he's just still a child.  But I keep telling my Mom that I can't help the way that I feel.  And neither can he I don't think.  Mark was suppose to call me last night but never did.  I mean he was a his friend's party so who can blame him for not calling me........ I certainly can't.  I have to go now so I'll definetely talk to you later bye!!!

Love Always & Forever, 
*Meredith Y. Horton*

Nervous! / Staci Speece   Read >>
Nervous! / Staci Speece
Hey Becky! Ugh i'm not ready to go the high school anymore! One of the most important people in my life has moved away, and i'm scared that i won't be able to do anything without her! I don't know what to do without her.. she was my strength! I'm afraid high school is going to be so much pressure, and i won't have her to talk to as much! I'm happy for her with her new life, but i want her to come home! Please watch over her beck! Make sure she's doing ok! 

Your the best!=]

Staci Close
my dear girl...  / Mark Marseglia (becky's dad )  Read >>
my dear girl...  / Mark Marseglia (becky's dad )
my dear girl, this summer is going well. I have so many of your rugby teammates working with me. They have been terrific! They fit right in, no doubt because of you, my dear girl. Thank you for having been my daughter, you are always on my mind, my dear girl. Watch out for us all down here. Guide us through these tough times, my dear girl. Annie is up there with you and Alex and Ian now. Run with them, my dear girl. Love, Daddy. Close
From one broken heart to another  / Diane/ Mom To Angel Jimmy Brozzetti   Read >>
From one broken heart to another  / Diane/ Mom To Angel Jimmy Brozzetti
When they announced your name last night, I squeezed  my braclet which I have "gone to" so many times. Bless you, and now we have to work on Katey's graduation. I look at my daughter, and think of you always. I heard the girls talking about you again. You are always in their thoughts too. Diane, when you read this remember, there is nothing I would not do for you.  Love Jim Close
Memorial Day  / J. R. (friend)  Read >>
Memorial Day  / J. R. (friend)
This weekend people honor me, and I honor those who gave the ultimate. For the past two Memorial Days I have honored you and will continue to do so for my lifetime. Had your life continued, I am sure you would have been a great vet. I ask your forgiveness for my generation who failed to see your call for help. May God hug you today,and know that this vet shall never forget you. Love Jim Close
Havent been here for awhile  / Jessica White (Friend)  Read >>
Havent been here for awhile  / Jessica White (Friend)
i miss you. becky.... i miss hearing your heals click in the morning walking down the hall way... i miss you being on the bus with patty... knowing you seen me from somewhere till we finally starting talking.. you always would say hi to me before i even got a chance. you made an impression on so many people... i met your sister this year. she reminds me so much of you.. she is special in her own way though. she is a very strong beautiful girl.. just like you were... it just kills me to even think of how much she misses you.. i cant even imagine. i miss you like crazy. i saw your months a few months ago and i dont think she recongized me. but i said hi to her. i know she knows my dad... they work together so... but becky i miss you like crazy... i wish you were still here. i think about you nick and amanda every day and it sucks knowing you wont be here for prom and graduation. but you wanna know something you got the best seats cause you can see everyone and everyone knows your watching... 

i miss you and you will always be in my heart.. 

jessica white Close
heyy / Shaunna (good friend )  Read >>
heyy / Shaunna (good friend )
hey babe...i knows its been awhile. graduation and college are coming soon and ive been doin a lot of thinkin about the people that i have met and known in my life and how much things are going to change when we all leave for college. i wish you could be with us graduating but i know that u will be watching us. we all love u so much. i hope you are doin well and continue to watch over everyone. <3 forever and always
shaunna Close
HELP!!! / Mer Horton (good friend )  Read >>
HELP!!! / Mer Horton (good friend )
so i went down to guidance with cloak and she heard that i told a student that on some days that i want to end my life and it's true i do but....... then on some days i say to myself "why did i ever say that because i don't really do"  but i think some days are just so hard for me ya know?  i bet you you had some of those days (not as far out as me but yea some days right?)  anyways......... my guidance counselor and cloak helped me and we got through it like we always do and always will lol.  like right now i don't knowwhy i want to do that i don't think anyone does besides me right?  but kids in my English class were throwing stuff at me (i mean that's no excuse but.........)  but Mr. M talked to them and he said that some of them confessed up to it and then he said that i was just imaginating the other ones but i wasn't (but i didn't tell him that)  so i'm still taking tony to prom this is for definite though so.......... melissa & i talked to him and according to him he is taking me to prom and he's also paying for his own ticket but...... we'll see how that's going to go down right?  yea.  so patty got part of a solo of "Defying Gravity" for chorus and Kaitlyn Waterson got the other part so i'm sure you're happy with patty right?  i know i am!!!!!!! yea!!!!!!  i found out in chorus class.  cloak wasn't feeling well today so right before she left she was writing up on the board what she wanted the other classes to do and she said "Congrats to Patty Miller and Kaitlyn Waterson for being solos for "Defying Gravity." So yea!!!!  Well, listen i have to go because my mom needs to get on the computer so yea...... but i'll talk to you later ok goodnight!!!

Love Always & Forever
*Meredith Y. Horton* Close
Cottage Crafters  / Iris Hagans (Friend)  Read >>
Cottage Crafters  / Iris Hagans (Friend)

Two weeks ago I went with my family to a tea room, cottage crafters, that Becky and I used to walk to in middle school.  We would order extravagant dishes and pretend that we were all grown up.  The owner of the tea room knew us and would bring boxes of fake jewlery over to our table so that we could dress up.  We would wear big fancy hats with lace and feathers, bright red boas, evening gloves, and fake earrings just to eat tea sandwiches and scones.  I'm sure we were two of the only people in our school who would ever think about going there on a saturday afternoon.  I miss Becky so much.  I wish that I could see her laugh again and I wish that instead of thinking of Becky when I went to the tea room, I was with her.

xo / Mom's Friend   Read >>
xo / Mom's Friend

Just thinking about you. I hope you're watching Mom & can give her a reason to smile today. xo

I understand your grief  / Julie {A Friend Of 3. Angels}   Read >>
I understand your grief  / Julie {A Friend Of 3. Angels}

I stumbled upon your site today after visiting my beloved's website who also died of suicide along with my brother and niece.  It seems to strike without rhyme or reason.  I am so sorry for the lose of your beloved Becky.  There are no words that can dissolve that grief that I know you are feeling. 


I myself will never understand the choices they made.  All I can do is accept them for their choice and love them unconditionally as I know they are around us all the time and they need our love as much if not more now.  Her smile is fueling the light that will guide you all home.


Love Julie


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