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Watching over all those who love, miss and need you...  / Mom's Friend   Read >>
Watching over all those who love, miss and need you...  / Mom's Friend
 It’s a big task, but with your willpower, strength & determination, you’re the angel for the job!
Drama Trip  / Mer Horton (good friend )  Read >>
Drama Trip  / Mer Horton (good friend )
yo, so the drama club & "other people" lol went to NY yesterday for the annual drama trip lol.  We saw "Dirty Rotten Scoundrals" it was soooo funny you would've enjoyed it a lot i know i did!  Then we went to TGIF Fridays for dinner.  I ordered chicken fingers and french fries and i sat with Mrs. G, Miss. Horn, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Howie and her son Jake, Sara Meenan, Chelsea O'Rourke, Mrs. Derry and Justin Derry and (Andrew) but a couple mintues after I sat down he went to sit with his other friends.  (I don't think he liked me that much)  But anyways the trip was so much fun I know you would've liked it.  I was thinking about you yesterday and today.  Yesterday-trip today-graduation, drama show and prom.  How you won't be here physically for these events but you'll be with us in spirit and hope right?  I'm still taking Tony to prom.  I know it's a bad idea but prom's a month away and my Mom keeps telling me that it's the right thing to do now since it's a month away.  She's like: What if someone invited you to prom and then said no it's ok don't come I found a new date.  You'd be heart broken right?  Yes Mom.  Like I said in couple of my candles my behavior on the chorus trip was unacceptable but Ms. Cloak found out and she was disappointed and gave me advice and so did my Mom cause I told her 1 day after we got back.  I couldn't keep it from my Mom and that's the way it should be right?  Not keeping stuff from your parents.  Well, I have to go I'll talk to you later sometime I love you Becky Leigh Marseglia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!  / Marvin Hardin (Son's ANGEL FRIEND )  Read >>
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!  / Marvin Hardin (Son's ANGEL FRIEND )
Becky, i wanted to be one of the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! to you. Have a great day,and send your Mom lots of ANGEL HUGS!!!!!! Marvin Sr. Pop of Marvin Jr.(Marvo) Close
My Dear friend Diane  / Karen Sullivan   Read >>
My Dear friend Diane  / Karen Sullivan

Diane I woke up this morning thinking of you and Becky.   This is such a beautiful tribute to her.   My heart just breaks knowing why it is we met.   Your love for Becky shines so brightly.  I know you miss her very much.
~Karen JoeGs Mom~

Becky my dear  / Mark Marseglia (becky's dad )  Read >>
Becky my dear  / Mark Marseglia (becky's dad )
Today is a rainy day. I spent some time going through my desk and room and found some stuff that I had received from you  over several years. What gifts! Thank you so much for being such a great daughter. You are missed terribly! Your sister got her permit and I am showing her how to drive. I remember teaching you to drive. That was so much fun. We miss you sooo much. Tomorrow we play North Penn, it'll probably rain a lot (Iknow you love rugby in the rain). Watch over our girls. This year the boys and girls teams are having such a good time playing and socializing. I know you are right there with them. You made me such a proud father. Thank you for that. Good night my dear...
I love you, Daddy Close
Thinking of you  / A. Friend   Read >>
Thinking of you  / A. Friend
Hayy Easter Becky~!  / J. (Friend)  Read >>
Hayy Easter Becky~!  / J. (Friend)
Hey Becky,
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.
Love Always,
J. Close
Seek,_And_Ye_Shall_Find... Close
5 years  / Staci   Read >>
5 years  / Staci
Hey Becky! Well, monday, it was 5 years since my mom died.  I emailed your mom and she was an angel! She also told me about the Becky Marseglia Scholarship and how it would be a huge deal to your mom if i got it and i was thinking "it would be a huge deal to me if i got it!!!!" Your mom thinks that you and my mom have met! If you did, can you please tell her that i love and miss her with all my heart?!!!!!  I hope you two have met! My mom would love you! So anyway last night i was thinking about you!  i dont know what brought it on but when i got to thinking, i cried! I'm going to tell you becky, i almost lost it a few months ago.  Everything just mounted higher and higher and eventually crashed!  i had thoughts.. and not even knowing that it was around the time of your death, i almost lost all hope for things in life! But i saw how much it would have affected the people around me! Ms. Snyder burst into tears and my heart broke! i could've never have hurt her like that! She once told me that she cried every night that week after she found out and i immiedatly felt guilty! To this day, i feel guilty about feeling the way i did!  I thought about telling your mom, but then i just couldn't. She'll see this i guess!  I want you to know, that when i lost it and regained my hope and confidence, i wished that i could've been around to talk to you! Even though i'm not one of your best friends, i wish i could've been there! I may be only 15 but i've been through some things that most kids my age won't go through until they are adults!! I really wish you were here! i need some help with things! I'm telling ya, student council president can get hectic!!! But you were so good at it!  Remember...If you see my mommy, tell her i miss her! and that i love her with my heart!!!! And if you could, send some kind of sign that you have seen her! i would love that! 

Thanks for being you! I'm glad that i'm in touch with you!!! One day, i would like to sit down and talk with you! it would mean the world to me!

God Bless
Yo!!!!!!!!! / Mer Horton (good friend )  Read >>
Yo!!!!!!!!! / Mer Horton (good friend )
so dave can't come to the show because he's leaving for Canada with his cousin tomorrow morning and staying through all of spring break!!  i'm sad but i understand!  i was talking to my close junior friend ashley jones (met her this year at gym night) but still we've become close and i was talking about who i'm taking to sr. prom and i mentioned his name and she told me that i was going to have an awesome time with him.  i wanna believe her but............. i still can't get that thought out of my head and yea but we'll see......... my mom says that it's to late to tell him that he can't go cause it's in like a month and a half but all of my friends and teachers still tell me that no go ahead it's perfectly ok.  i'm all confused!  i was talking to him last night and we were talking about prom and everything we need to plan to have a good time.  he doesn't know whether or not he should drive to my house and drive me to prom but he only has a junior license so he can't drive out past 11:00 and prom ends at 11 and i live 45 minutes away and then he has to drive to his house that's another 15-20 minutes so......... then he asked me what color dress i have and i told him that i'm still deciding because he wants to know whether or not he can use the same tuxedo as he wore for junior prom and then he wanted to know what we could do after prom and i said it's up to him and he wants me to come over his house to just hang out/go to a party.   i know that i still have college in front of me and i know that i'm going to wish that i was still back in high school but not right now i wish that.  i mean my grades slipped this marking period.  last marking period i got all A's and one B.  i'll have to write back later i have to do some work that i didn't hand in i'll write back when i get home from school maybe cause i'm really tired and i might go to sleep and i bet you if you were here right now you'd probably tell me to get my rest instead of talking to you right???  and i have the show tonight, tomorrow and sat. night so maybe the next time i'll write is on sat. during the day i might forget what i was talking to you about but i doubt it very much             

                                                           Love Always & Forever
My Guardian Angel  / Jess Rohn (Friend)  Read >>
My Guardian Angel  / Jess Rohn (Friend)
I've been thinking about you more and more lately.  I realized that I've never actually written a tribute to you because every time I come to this website I get so caught up in reading what other people write and then I just break down.  I think a turning point for me in figuring out  the role that you play in my life came to me a few weeks ago in a meditation class I was taking.  We were using these things called angel cards and we were supposed to close our eyes and think of a problem in our life or something that we needed closure on.  You were the first thought that came to me and as i had my eyes closed i was wondering what you were doing and how you were and if you were looking over me.  The next step was to pick a card from the deck and examine the one you picked.  I opened my eyes and in front of me was the most beautiful angel in a very colorful and vibrant dress with long flowing hair, and at the top of the card it said "Guardian Angel".  The lady who ran the class asked us to explain what meaning the card had in our life if we wanted to.  I started to cry because at that moment I knew you were looking over me and I knew that you would never leave me.  I love you so much Becky and I will continue to love you until one day in the future I am with you again..please continue to look over me and everyone else and we will continue to keep you alive through our wonderful memories of you. Close
Becky's family and friends  / Kathy Mathis (POS)  Read >>
Becky's family and friends  / Kathy Mathis (POS)
Thank you for allowing me the honor of meeting Becky. What a precious young lady she was. God bless each of you as you keep precious memories of her alive.
Yesterday... / Amanda Angellella (Long time Friend )  Read >>
Yesterday... / Amanda Angellella (Long time Friend )
my thoughts were too long for a candle so i am sharing them here.

well first of all, i play rugby now becky. and let me tell you girl it is CRAZY. and i hurt everyday physically and emotionally when i play. i basically broke a rib, and i am going for x-ray's on thursday, but that isn't the point.

okay so yesterday. we played doylestown. clearly you saw how much they dominated us, but then again we were down 3 girls. okay so after the game was done and everyone was eating. your dad came over to myself and brittnay and the three of us laid down looking up at the beautiful sky. and he showed us two pictures. TWO AMAZING PICTURES. two pictures that when i saw them my heart jumped. i closed my eyes and could feel what it would of been like with you out there on that rugby field. they were from when you played with kutztown woman's team in ninth grade. the first one was you all in a huff and puff running with the ball and according to your father you pretty much dominated. and the second one took my breath away. it was you and your daddy standing side by side just looking out at the game(?) with the same determined looked and the same intensity in your eyes. he told me how much you loved the game, and how hard you played, and how when he does the whole running huffing thing, it is exactly what you did.

yesterday i sat then after your dad got up and thought about you. the sky was blue, the sun was shinning bright, and the wind was blowing, and tears filled my eyes, and my heart filled with warmth. becky, just because you aren't here physically anymore, i honestly know EVERY single day of my life i think of you. and despite the physical and outward signs of pain and hurt, my inner feelings go much deeper, because i am truly missing such an amazing girl.

diane. i know you probably read this. so i wanted to say, i am sorry i haven't called back again. it is hard. but i promise soon i will call, because i would really love to spend time with you. i am spending time with the out of control daddy side of becky, but i need some of the crazy momma side.

love you dearly becky.

<3 amanda angellella Close
Continuation of other tribute  / Meredith Horton (friend)  Read >>
Continuation of other tribute  / Meredith Horton (friend)

so anyways, like i was saying about dave.  he's from texas, brown hair, really cute and great personality.  i bet you if you were here today you'd say to me yea mer dump tony and stick with this guy he's more worth your time than tony is.  speaking about tony some of my friends who are juniors tell me that i'm going to have a great time with him at sr. prom but i still don't know.  i mean i want to but............. anyways about dave he's so caring and understands me a lot cause he has some of the same probelms with him but................. guess what!?!  i hang out with him every morning before homeroom in his homeroom and it seems like he likes it and then one day he came to my homeroom ahhhhhhhhhh i can't believe it!!!!!!!!!! can you?????????????  i invited him to the show copacabana and he thinks he can come this weekend he couldn't come the weekend just passed because his cousin was moviing inot a house and he had to help out moving furniture.  i don't know though............ he could've been lying to me but i don't think so because i don't think he would lie to me so................ i don't think so it's all crazy!!!!!!!!!  i hope he can come friday so he can meet cloak but then again i want him to come sat. so he can go to the president's party after the show so we can hang out and get to know each other better i'll write you later sweetie i love you so much and i miss you sooooooooooooo much more than words can express.  i have to tell you every sun. when i'm at church i think about "all" of you guys and it makes me sooooooooo sad so sad that sometimes i cry out of the blue!!!!!!!!!  i just wanna know why you guys had to do it i just don't understand and my mom says that i'll never understand bt i want to.............. ttyl sweetie RIP becky leigh marseglia. 

LOVE / Friend (Family friend )  Read >>
LOVE / Friend (Family friend )
Just hoping you're holding on and know how much you're thought about, always, and loved, forever! Close
just sayin hi  / Mer Horton (friend)  Read >>
just sayin hi  / Mer Horton (friend)

what's up?  nothing here.  school is so stressful i can't wait until i get out of here.  i'm going to miss it and all of the friends i've made and the teachers.  but i'm going to come back for the musical rehearsals and gym night and i belong to a community theater group that performs here once a year so............... omg this year we're doing Copacabana.  you'd love it (not like you're not looking down on us when we're rehearsing right?) i know that you are!  your mom is so cool and very positive and really easy to talk to.  i like that about her.  tony is.............. ahhhhhh i can't explain it!  he's so difficult and hard to understand.  lol.  he told me that i should find another date.  i think he was hinting towards that he didn't want to go with me but i don't know.  if he doesn't want to go with me then he should just come out and just say it right?  cause it's not fair to me to have him saying this stuff to me.  i hate it.  i belong to one of the support groups at school and it helps me a lot.  but after the period every tuesday it makes me so sad/depressed and in a bad mood.  i don't know................. o guess what!!!!??????!!!!!!!  i met this kid at the "celebration and life" dance and his name is dave he's so cute.  i think he likes me too so that's good right?  i'm  so excited!  i invited him to a show (that community theater does) yea i'm so excited but his cousin is moving into his own house i'll write later and i'm a school so i'll finish later ok see ya sweetie i love you so much (i have to finish writing about dave to you!!!!!!!!!) Close
Becky... / Staci   Read >>
Becky... / Staci

Last week was my last sandburg play ever! I remember my first. you were wild praire rose and you made all of us laugh and smile! The time we sang "General John Muttonchops" and we couldn't get down our salutes! you taught us how!  I remember sitting in the LGI part of the auditorium one play practice, and you and laura hatrock coming in from rugby practice showing us your huge bruises from it! I also remember one day sitting in the middle of the auditorium and you walking past me wearing a tye-dye shirt,sweatpants and sandals.(i don't know how i remember that, but i do!). And then i remember seeing you a few weeks before 'it' happened. you had your car keys and were dangeling them in front of Mrs. Gordon. Thats the last time i saw you! I really wish it wasn't! I could really use some advice for things Becky! i've set my standards to be just like you! I know that it isnt possible but i'm trying my hardest!!! I involve myself in everything i can! All i want is to be like you! You've touched so many lives! If i can touch people's lives, i'll be one happy kid! You were an amazing person and now you're an AMAZING angel!!! Your family and friends were blessed to have you in their lives! I feel blessed to have known you. Even if it was only for a year! You were one of the only 9th graders that made me unafraid of sandburg! Now i walk the same halls you walked as a 9th grader with confidence! And when i stop to think about it, i know that i can do that because you were once in my life. I saw as what you accomplished as impossible for my standards! I'm slowly breaking through impossible because knowing you has given me confidence!! Thank you for being one of my heros Becky!!! I love and miss you!

Staci Speece

Happy St. Patricks Day  / Debra Branning (Passerby)  Read >>
Happy St. Patricks Day  / Debra Branning (Passerby)

Love / Someone Who Misses Becky (friend)  Read >>
Love / Someone Who Misses Becky (friend)
It never fails to amaze me how much love and care is evidenced here. If only you could have held onto that as proof that nothing can change how much you are loved and needed, so that you wouldn't have to be missed so much now. Close
WOW / Mer Horton (good friend )  Read >>
WOW / Mer Horton (good friend )

ok well............ the fall drama show is over, musical and gym night.  i can't believe it's been 14 months since your death.  in my mind it's been not even a day.  i miss u so much each and everyday.  when i wake up each morning i always think about u and your family.  i still have to talk to your Mom somehow someway maybe she'll get my e-mail from this tribute.  like i said in my candle red seniors were in the house those nights u probably had a big part to do with all of that right!?!  "he's" being so mean to me again.  melissa keeps telling me that she hates his guts and just to forget about him and he's not even worth my time and energy.  i know she's right ms. cloak even says that to me ( all my friends) say that to me and i know that their are all right but i don't know............. it's like o'connor remember how stuck on him well it's like "replaced" o'connor with "him" but no one can replace the "relationship" that ryan and i shared eventhough we had a lot of disagreements/arguments i still loved him!  & even that night when we were on the phone together talking about how much i liked him and he told me that he didn't like me at all i still loved him so NO ONE could replace "us" & i def. would not let "him" do that.  i had a dream about ryan and he was at school and we were talking about school related things and then he had to go and we gave each other the biggest hugs that anyone could give one another.  i miss him so much i mean to call him but i don't have the time/energy/guts to call him or i wind up calling "him" and i hate that i need to stop it soon! 

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