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Love yo Diane & Katey on Becky' 10th anniversary.  / MaryAnn Underwood (Friend & Neighnor )  Read >>
Love yo Diane & Katey on Becky' 10th anniversary.  / MaryAnn Underwood (Friend & Neighnor )
We can't believe that it has been 10 years since Becky died. We knew her from the time that she was born. We remember attending her plays on the front lawn of her house, which she wrote and produced with her sister and the other kids in the neighborhood. We remember her telling us how much she wanted to attend West Point after high school.She was a remarkable young woman and we still miss her very much. Our love goes out to Diane and Katey on this anniversary. Love, MaryAnn & Bob Close
a decade...  / Diane (mom)  Read >>
a decade...  / Diane (mom)
Despite the years…10 today…I have never forgotten a thing. I can hear your voice like we spoke yesterday…I know the exact feel of your skin, the texture of your hair, and the warmth of your hug. I remember your infections laugh and broad smile and I recall, vividly: funny, angry, silly, tired, mean, hyper, happy. If you walked in the front door now, I swear, it would be like we never skipped a day. So much has changed, so much of life has happened, and yet you and my sense of time are frozen to “then”. I think mothers, all parents, who have lost a child need to know that nothing dims the memories and nothing diminishes the love even when the passage of time is gentler to your heart.
I love and miss you Becky. Having a daughter in heaven, changes everything.
Merry Christmas  / Kevin Kirkendoll (Uncle)  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Kevin Kirkendoll (Uncle)
They say time heals all wounds, but I just think we just get used to living with the pain. I know you are in heaven with dad and lauging at us,  running around like idiots, regifting, miss you and dad so much.  Close
Time goes by.  / David Kennedy (Friend)  Read >>
Time goes by.  / David Kennedy (Friend)
You were in Mr. Schroder's History Class with me. Though we weren't great friends, we were aquainted and you did help me. I'm thankful for the time in which I was able to speak with you, because it seemed like you were gone in a flash. I never expected it; I don't think anyone did. I still think about you from day to day and I do miss you. It's amazing to see how much time has gone by, but how deep the wound of losing you still hurts. I never really though all too much about people passing; it was something that just happened. However, when it directly affected my life, it was different. I hope you're still up there, watching over everybody. Miss you Becky. Close
With tears in my eyes...  / Rick Lannetti (A friend of mom's )  Read >>
With tears in my eyes...  / Rick Lannetti (A friend of mom's )
Dear Becky,

I just started reading about your story. You are now in heaven with my 21 year old son who left us in 2003 due to complications with MRSA. Please know that when Ricky left, he did so with a huge smile on his face in his hospital bed. He looked so content as if to tell me that everything was OK. I know you feel the same way and that you know we will all be together one day.

You are such a beautiful girl who lived such a gererous and giving life with great aspirations as Ricky did. Your mom loves you very much , just as your friends and family and anyone you have ever met and inspired.

I know my son Ricky is in good company and I hope you are friends up there. Maybe the two of you are playing tennis together? He probably won't admit it too easily because he was a star football player , but he played and coached tennis and actually won a tournament when he was 15. I played with him all the time.

Keep sending signs to your loved ones. Oh yes, we do received them all the time!

God Bless You Becky,

Rick Lannetti

Make her welcome, please  / Mimi Morrow (Friend)  Read >>
Make her welcome, please  / Mimi Morrow (Friend)
Sweet Becky my friend Tara came to you in December.  Like you she left us far too soon. Please make sure she knows that she's in my thoughts too? I think of both of you such beautiful women such futures lost such happiness unfulfilled. At her funeral it was said that her soul was not happy here that it needed to go on to a better place where it could do more and find peace. Sigh.. all of us here hope you are both in peace that your souls have found happiness. God bless and keep you both safe. Close
Still missed...  / Adam (CAP)  Read >>
Still missed...  / Adam (CAP)

It has been over 5 years Becky.  I have never had the strength to post a tribute or light a candle.  Each passing day you are thought about.  Although some may think your time has ended I know that your time is endless.  You are forever alive in our memories and our hearts.  We still find you to be an inspiration after all these years.  Mei you continue to be more than a lost memory but something greater.  Please watch over us all forever.

Squadron 101 "Go For Broke!"

A song from our Gavin  / Patty   Read >>
A song from our Gavin  / Patty

I've got dreams of love and I love you
I know you feel the same way too
I feel your spirit when you're near me and when you're away
Somehow somewhere I'll see you again
But until then I've got dreams of loving you

Thinking bout every little thing we ever did crazy
Sipping on that memory lane
That lane never closes seven days of the week
I can drive in my sleep

Dreams I will share when I see you again
And I'll see you again pretty soon
I pray but until then I've got dream - Gavin Degraw 


Heard this song and thought of you and our crazy times seeing Gavin in concert. I love and miss you more than words could ever explain. I look at your picture everyday and you put a smile on my face so large that I feel I can do anything. I dedicated my performance in the programs at Point Park to you : ) I know you'd be proud.

Hello love  / Shaunna (Friend)  Read >>
Hello love  / Shaunna (Friend)
Hello Love! I'm just stopping in to say hello and that I love and miss you! Close
A prayer for an angel  / Michelle Gonzalez (passerby)  Read >>
A prayer for an angel  / Michelle Gonzalez (passerby)

Dear Becky:

       Such a sweet facehappyplayful......I had battle major depression since 2006even though I take medications I can understand how dark and painful life can sometimes be.........I never had the courageu see I myself have a 19y/o boy........I could not bear the pain It will cause to those I leave behind.........But u being so young I could see u and ur struggle.......I can not bring u back but I can pray that ur pain is gone now and that God received u with open armscraddled u and told u it will be Ok My child.......GOD BLESS U and UR FAMILY.

Still thinking of you.  / Abby Wang (friend)  Read >>
Still thinking of you.  / Abby Wang (friend)

Hey Becky.

Just letting you know that I still think about you.  And of course I wish you were here.



hola chica!  / Jamal Laghjichi (Friend)  Read >>
hola chica!  / Jamal Laghjichi (Friend)
Hey baby girl!!  I miss you lots and everything has been goin good im gonna visit you soon so il see ya later!! love you bye! Close
Sweet baby  / Mimi Morrow (Friend of you & cho (cho momma!) )  Read >>
Sweet baby  / Mimi Morrow (Friend of you & cho (cho momma!) )
hi sweetheart, you've been in my thoughts all week, as you are every year the first week of Feb. I still find myself deeply saddened on the days up to and including the 7th, thinking back to 4 years ago tomorrow. Do you know how you are still so missed by everybody here? I still stop by in Newtown and leave a little glass stone, and stand there and think about what could have been, what should have been. Sweet dreams, lovely young lady, as you will be in our hearts and thoughts forever. Close
Memorial MySpace  / Michael Gandy (CAP)  Read >>
Memorial MySpace  / Michael Gandy (CAP)

Friends of Becky....

This is a Myspace page that was created in her memory with the help of her mom diane...

If Any Of You Have Any Suggestions for the page or want pictures put on it let me know...

Happy Birthday Becky!!

Showin Some Love  / Nicholas' Mama, Lisa (POS)  Read >>
Showin Some Love  / Nicholas' Mama, Lisa (POS)

Becky is such a beautiful young woman I am sorry for your loss. Nicholas' Mama, Lisa
wow... / Antoinette Ohai (Friend)  Read >>
wow... / Antoinette Ohai (Friend)

I was reminiscing about high school days with a friend of mine today and we were comparing our stories.  it's crazy, I went off in this tangent on and on about you. An hour later, i just realized it's been three years.  Just wanted you to know I still think about you.  Miss you baby doll!

Love Always,


beck / Allie Remer (friend)  Read >>
beck / Allie Remer (friend)
Hey girlie.its been 3 years today and i still miss you just as much.i went to your grave and left a little something something for ya...i miss you soo much and i always hope im going to see your face,bbut someday i will.cant wait you so much.keep watching over me Close
Thinking of you!!  / Staci Speece   Read >>
Thinking of you!!  / Staci Speece

Heyy girl! I'm thinking of you right now.  I tye-dyed one of my track shirts yesterday, and it came out just like one of the ones you wore to play practice one day.  Don't ask me how I remember that!! 

Ah so life's crazy right now.  Junior year is such a mixture of things.  It's annoying, it's hard, it's fun, it's horrible, it's amazing.  The good news is, my friend and I were able to get Celebrate Life Week back into Neshaminy in the spring.  I'm very excited and I hope it turns out well!!

Keep watching over everyone bud! Tell my mommy I said Hi and that i miss and love her!

My Toby joined you  / Mimi Morrow (Friend)  Read >>
My Toby joined you  / Mimi Morrow (Friend)
My beloved Sheltie Toby and I had stopped to visit you a number of times on our way to the vets so he'd know who you were and know who to look for. Becky, he's there with you now. He was one of the poor dogs affected by the poisoned dogfood a few months ago and his kidneys were destroyed and although he fought hard for 8 months, we had to finally let him go on Thursday night. My Randi and Kate were with me and I was thankful for their love and support. Toby was so brave right to the end, as he has been through all these months of trips to the vets far too often. Please introduce him to Annie and let them be safe and have some Sheltie fun with you? Hopefully in heaven their barks will be low key? I miss him so. I know you'll take good care of him for me. Thanks sweetheart. I know he's in your sweet hands now and that's a comfort to me. Close
Thinking of You  / J. R. (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of You  / J. R. (Friend)
I guess it is this "back to school" time of year that makes me think of you so often lately. I think I have about said it all over the past two and a half years. I hurt sometimes as if you were my child. I don't see much of your mom, but she knows I would  be there for her at the drop of a dime.I can actually say I pray at night that people of Bucks County wake up in time to put your mom in office where I know she would do sooo much good.God bess you love and I look forward to seeing you again. Close
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